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dublab Radio presents In Conversation, a weekly podcast featuring interviews from its nearly 20 years of broadcasting. Highlighting some of the most compelling interviews from dublab’s archives, In Conversation offers an in-depth view into the lives and creative processes of its guests.

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    Juana Molina

    Argentine sound visionary, Juana Molina, joined dublab co-founder Mark "Frosty" McNeill for a reflective radio session. Together, they dove into the creation of her most recent album Halo and the expansive field of resonance surrounding her ever-evolving being.

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    Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll

    John Pirozzi dropped by dublab to talk about his film, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll. He spoke with Mark “Frosty” McNeill about the Cambodian rock scene that was blossoming prior to the Khmer Rouge takeover of the country in 1975 and played some of the great music that is featured in the film. The gem-laden soundtrack to the film is available now through Dust to Digital. Visit to get the full scoop on the film.

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    The Art Laboe Connection

    Broadcasting icon, Art Laboe, is our guest this week on In Conversation. Dublab board member, Josh Kun, sits down with Laboe at his Original Sound Studio on Sunset Boulevard to revisit the history of his illustrious 70 year career and explore his intimate nightly connection with listeners cruising the California streets or listening close for the voice of a loved one. We are proud to bring you an in-depth interview with this legendary radio personality!

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    The Ashram Albums of Alice Coltrane

    Created later in life, The Ashram Albums of Alice “Swamini Turiyasangitananda” Coltrane featured synth and vocal laden compositions inextricably linked to in her spiritual practice. Coltrane had always claimed music as an “expression” from within, but with these albums she left the commercial world in her wake, developing a new synthesis between her musical roots and Vedic sonic traditions. Through the voices of those who were closest to her, we are treated to an intimate view into this utterly transfixing and original body of work and the powerful heart and mind behind it. This episode was produced by Mark "Frosty" McNeill.

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    Kuni Murai on Haruomi Hosono

    Light in the Attic Records is reissuing many of Haruomi Hosono’s essential and groundbreaking albums for the first time outside of Japan. To mark the occasion, Kuni Murai, producer, composer and founder of Alfa Records, joins dublab’s Mark McNeill for a chat about his decades-long working relationship with Hosono. Their conversation offers a unique view into Hosono’s career, from his days as a session bass player to his stratospheric success with Yellow Magic Orchestra, and beyond. We hope you enjoy this delightful episode with a true music champion!

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    Morton Subotnick

    On the heels of the 50th anniversary of his album, Silver Apples of the Moon, Morton Subotnick came to LA to perform two celebratory shows at CalArts. He sat down with Katie Gately at the dublab Studio to talk about this legendary electronic album, his current performance practice, and the history behind his groundbreaking compositional approach. Subotnick also touched upon his storied collaborations with the electronic music innovators, Don Buchla, Ramon Sender, and the members of the San Francisco Tape Music Center.

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    Kumi James aka BAE BAE

    Kumi James aka BAE BAE joins us this week on In Conversation. Radio hosts a captivating interview with this dynamic Los Angles based DJ, filmmaker and artist. James likes to focus on music that feels empowering to her, honing in on women of color and femme artists who are claiming their influence in this world, and who also exist within the black diaspora: R&B, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Jersey Club, Bounce, Afrobeat & more. She does a monthly show on NTS with Fuck U Pay Us, a black, mostly queer, female punk group. Kumi is a PhD student at USC in Media Arts and Practice. She’s a multidisciplinary artist and has produced music for dance performances and works on creating safer party spaces for queer, black, indigenous and POC in Los Angeles.

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    Kelan Phil Cohran

    In 2012, multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator, and historian, Kelan Phil Cohran sat down with Carlos Niño at The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. Over the course of the interview, Cohran shares stories and insights from his vast experience not only as a musician but also as a dedicated historian and thinker. We hope you can join us for this unique journey through the life and work of a truly remarkable musician.

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    Mute Records with Daniel Miller

    Mute Records turns 40 this fall and to help celebrate we are bringing you an interview with label founder, Daniel Miller. Along with host, DJ Lady C, Miller discusses the origins of the label, DJing in Mongolia, what lies ahead for Mute and much, much more. We hope you can tune in for this special episode!

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    Gavin Bryars

    Composer and musician, Gavin Bryars joins host, Mark McNeill, this week on In Conversation. Together, they delve into his unique and expansive career in music. From studying with John Cage, to founding the Portsmouth Sinfonia, to being the first artist singed to Brian Eno’s Obscure Records, Bryars can be sighted as one of the most influential composers of the post-minimalist era. Enjoy absorbing some illumination from one of the brightest minds creating today.

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