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dublab Radio presents In Conversation, a weekly podcast featuring interviews from its 20 years of broadcasting. Highlighting some of the most compelling interviews from dublab's archives, In Conversation offers an in-depth view into the lives and creative processes of its guests.

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    Brian Eno

    This week we are bringing you a special episode of Imaginary Landscape: Composer to Composer Talks, a new dublab archival series created by Carl Stone. The conversation between Stone and Brian Eno took place at the Aratani Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles in 1988. We hope you can join us for this jaunt through the wide and wonderful world of Brain Eno!

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    Revisiting Girma Yifrashewa

    This week we are revisiting our episode with pianist and composer, Girma Yifrashewa. While on a North American tour, he stopped by the dublab studio to speak with host, Mark “Frosty” McNeill. Over the course of their conversation, he shared some thoughts about his stunning album, Love and Peace, escaping to the mountains in his native Ethiopia, his deep and abiding passion for the piano, and much, much more. We hope you can join us for this very special episode of In Conversation.

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    Revisiting Elisabeth Waldo

    This week we are revisiting our episode with the groundbreaking composer, conductor, ethnomusicologist, and classical violinist, Elisabeth Waldo. She graciously welcomed dublab to the historic Rancho Cordillera del Norte to discuss her long career in music, which began more then 70 years ago.

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    Revisiting Harold Budd

    This week we are revisiting one of our favorite episodes with composer and musician, Harold Budd! Over the course of his career, Budd has written stunning solo compositions, such as his 1978 harp and choir infused album, The Pavilion of Dreams. He also crafted the groundbreaking ambient records, The Pearl and Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror, with Brian Eno. Other collaborations include projects with the Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian and Daniel Lanois. In our conversation with Budd, he touches upon his days in the army with Albert Ayler, his love for the immediacy of the California Space and Light Movement, the moment he knew he wanted a life in music, and much, much more!

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    Matt Black of Coldcut

    Matt Black of the pioneering electronic band Coldcut stopped by dublab in 2000 for a far reaching talk with Mark “Frosty” McNeill. He also performed a short set to demonstrated the sampling software they created and used for their live shows. The band integrated this technique along with live video sampling to create a set that was groundbreaking and unique for its time. Along with producing tracks with a storied list of collaborators, including the Eurythmics, Steve Reich, Queen Latifah, and The Fall, touring, and recording, Coldcut also started their own label, Ninja Tune. Join us!

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    Andy Hughes of The Orb

    In 2000, Andy Hughes- DJ, producer, member of The Orb- stopped by dublab for a live set and interview with Mark "Frosty" McNeill. Hughes discussed his recent decision to leave The Orb, various past collaborations with the likes of Robert Fripp and Galliano, coming up through the ranks of the electronic music scene in London during the 1990s, and much more!

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    Ella Jenkins

    The First Lady of Children’s Music, Ella Jenkins, has been infusing growing spirits with a love for rhythm, melody and diversity through her workshops, broadcasts and recordings since the 1950s. Her string of popular albums for Folkways Records have been a staple in homes and schools for decades, helping nurture children’s natural love for movement, song and social connection. Ella Jenkins makes our world a brighter place and we’re thrilled to share her conversation with Mark “Frosty” McNeill.

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    Margo Guryan

    While most of Margo Guryan’s fans know her classic 60s pop hits, Sunday Morning or Take a Picture, few have heard about her days in the jazz world or as a songwriter and lyricist. From behind the scenes or a microphone, she’s been a dynamic force within the music world since the late 1950s. We hope you can join us for this special episode of In Conversation!

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    Big Jay McNeely

    Rhythm and Blues hero, Big Jay McNeely, was famous for whipping audiences into a frenzy. Known as the King of the Honkin’ Sax, his guttural, brassy blasts coupled with an intense onstage presence blew down walls the world over. McNeely’s hits on wax were equally potent. 1949’s “The Deacon’s Hop” is a lasting R&B instrumental and 1959’s “There Is Something on Your Mind” can eternally be found in cars cruising low and slow.

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    White Magic

    Mira Billotte of White Magic joins Mark “Frosty” McNeill this week on In Conversation. They chat about her album, Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, performing, and look ahead to what's next for project. We hope you can join us!

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