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dublab Radio presents In Conversation, a weekly podcast featuring interviews from its nearly 20 years of broadcasting. Highlighting some of the most compelling interviews from dublab’s archives, In Conversation offers an in-depth view into the lives and creative processes of its guests.

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    The Space Lady

    The Space Lady is finally enjoying the acclaim she deserves for her unique form of electronic pop music. After her adventurous musical start on the streets of Vietnam War Era Boston and the decades of performances that followed on various city sidewalks, the folks at Night School Records have given her music a proper release. She joins dublab co-founder, Mark "Frosty" McNeill, for this amiably galactic episode of In Conversation.

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    Yves Tumor

    Yves Tumor joins Maria Minerva to talk about his new music and the inspirations behind it. Tumor’s latest album, Safe in the Hands of Love, released through Warp Records, traverses musical genres, creating a new sonic world in the process. We hope you can tune in!

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    Kevin Haskins and Daniel Ash of Bauhaus with Diva Dompé

    Kevin Haskins and Daniel Ash recently formed Poptone, a retrospective project revisiting the music of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets. Joined by Bassist, Diva Dompé, they hit the road and have been thrilling audiences ever since. They stopped by dublab to talk with Alejandro Cohen about the origins of Poptone, rediscovering a love for performing, and offer some gems from the Bauhaus vaults. Hope you can tune in for this delightful conversation!

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    Oliver Coates

    London-based cellist and producer, Oliver Coates, recently stopped by dublab, while on tour with Thom Yorke. Along with host, Mark McNeil, he shared his thoughts on seeing and experiencing most of the the US for the first time and his singular reflections on a life in sound and music. We hope you can join us for an interview that promises to inspire and encourage fresh perspectives on the sounds and spaces we inhabit everyday!

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    Dais Records

    Tune in for a special broadcast celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of dublab’s favorite record labels, Dais Records. Founders, Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin joined Jenny NONO to discuss the beginnings of Dais, the artists they work with, and future plans.

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    Tangerine Dream

    Tangerine Dream firmly cemented their place in the annals of pioneering electronic music starting in the early 1970s. Their masterful and transportive soundscapes graced records and soundtracks alike, and quickly took up permanent residence in the imaginations of millions of listeners. In 2012, before a sold out show at Club Nokia, band founder, Edgar Froese, sat down with Nanny Cantaloupe to discuss the storied career of this band and what it was like to return to the road 40 years after it began.

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    Alain Mabanckou

    Author, journalist and educator, Alain Mabanckou, took a deep dive into the world of music production after publishing his book, Black Bazar. Inspired to adapt his book into a music project, he created two full length albums for the label, Lusafrica. Along with our host, author and ethnomusicologist, Samuel Lamontagne, Mabanckou traces the origins and wide ranging influence of several of Congo’s most important music genres, including Congolese Rumba, Soukous and Ndombolo. They also touch upon the overlapping nature of music and poetry, reflect on the new generation of Congolese musicians working in France today, and much more!

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    Morgan Rhodes

    This week on In Conversation, Los Angeles based radio presenter and music supervisor, Morgan Rhodes, joins Mark “Frosty” McNeill to highlight music from the year 1979, the moment her sonic world blossomed. Along the way, we are immersed in the unique music of this era and feel its lasting impact on the influential work Rhodes does in Hollywood today.

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    Royal Trux

    From 1988 to 2001, the Royal Trux produced an incredible amount of music and in the process helped to define an era. This week on In Conversation, band co-founder, Jennifer Herrema, takes us through their much storied catalog. Join us as we trace the band’s journey through the 90s and find out how this duo ended up inspiring the generation of bands that followed.

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    The East Side Story Story

    Mike Noriega, invited the elusive Mr. B, the East Side Story creator, onto dublab to discuss the formation of the influential series. The show was co-hosted by Lowrider Oldies radio hosts, Melissa “Lil Smiley” Dueñas and Monica “Moniloca” Robles. “Lowrider oldies” are not the rock n’ roll classics of yesteryear America; they are the underground soul classics of the Chicano community. These sentimental ballads continue to be widely popular amongst numerous Chicano generations, from baby boomers to millennials alike.

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